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 Term Dates 2017-18                                              Term Dates 2018-19
 Autumn Term 2017                                                                       Autumn Term 2018  
 Re-open         Monday 4th September 8.50am                          Re-open         Monday 3rd September 8.50am                   
 Break up        Friday 20th October                                               Break up        Thursday 25th October  
 INSET Day      Monday 30th October                                            INSET Day     Friday 26th October         
 Re-open         Tuesday 31st October                                            Re-open         Monday 5th November   
 Break up        Friday 22nd December 2.05pm                            Break up        Friday 21st December 2.05pm  
 Spring Term 2018                                                                          Spring Term 2019  
 Re-open         Monday 8th January at 8.50am                            Re-open         Monday 7th January at 8.50am  
 Break up        Thursday 8th February                                          Break up        Thursday 21st February  
 INSET Day      Friday 9th February                                                INSET Day      Friday 22nd February  
 Re-open         Monday 19th February                                          INSET Day      Monday 4th March  
 Break up        Thursday 29th March 2.05pm                              Re-open         Tuesday 5th March  
                                                                                                            Break up        Friday 12th April 2.05pm  
 Summer Term 2018                                                                      Summer Term 2019  
 Re-open          Monday 16th April 8.50am                                  Re-open          Monday 29th April 8.50am
 May Day          Monday 7th May                                                   May Day         Monday 6th May  
 Break up         Friday 25th May                                                     Break up        Friday 24th May   
 INSET Day      Monday 4th June                                                    Reopen          Monday 3rd June  
 Reopen           Tuesday 5th June                                                    INSET Day     Monday 24th June              
 Break up         Friday 20th July 2.05pm                                        Break up        Friday 19th July 2.05pm  


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