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The headteacher of the school is responsible for day-to-day management of the school. The role of the Governing Body is to provide strategic management.

The school has a delegated budget to cover salaries, running costs, maintenance and equipment; the Governing Body is responsible for managing this budget. They can decide how many and what types of staff to employ, which equipment to upgrade or replace and what the priorities are for implementing new strategies and initiatives.

Governors are resposnible for the appointment of the headteacher, and are involved in the appointment of any other staff.

Governors also have a role in monitoring the school's progress, and in setting annual targets for the school's performance and for the headteacher.

Governors are the largest volunteer force in the country.


Click here to look at a list of our Governors and their responsibilities.


Requirements of Governors

Full Governors’ Meetings

Full meetings of the Governing Body are held approximately five times each academic year.  Meetings usually last around two hours and are held in different classrooms of the school to give governors opportunities to view displays of the children’s work. All governors are expected to attend meetings of the Governing Body.


Committee meetings

Committees are the ‘engine room’ of governance, where in-depth discussions, challenging questions and detailed debate of proposals take place.  Committees spread the workload of the Governing Body, enabling full meetings to concentrate on policy and strategy. 

We have three main committees: School Improvement Committee, School Inclusion Committee and Finance, Staffing and Buildings Committee. These committees meet at least four times a year and they feedback recommendations and decisions to the full governing body. All governors are a member of at least one committee and are actively encouraged to observe meetings of the other committees.

In addition there is a Chairs Group which meets on a regular basis, consisting of the Chair of the Governing Body and the Chairs of the three committees. The purpose of this group is to consider cross cutting issues and to ensure that Chairs of the Committee go into each meeting with a ‘whole school’ view, recognising the potential impact of any decisions they make may have on other aspects of school life.

The minutes of all committees are submitted to the subsequent Full Governing Body meeting so that all Governors are informed about decisions made and are given the opportunity to consider recommendations from committees.


Link/Phase Governors

All governors are linked to a phase in school; Foundation; Key Stage 1; Lower Key Stage 2; Upper Key Stage 2. Governors have a responsibility to meet with their Phase Leaders on a regular basis to review the data and progress of children within their phase; currently these phase meetings are scheduled to occur immediately prior to each full Governing Body meeting.


Governing Body Communications with Staff, Parents/Carers, and Children


The Governing Body issues a newsletter at the end of each term, essentially highlighting the good news stories from the school, whether this be sporting successes, or progress against strategic objectives and targets. It provides a useful means of communicating with our wider school community as Governors are often not very visible. In addition we issue an end of year newsletter, drawing together the wider highlights of the year, which also serves as a Governor statement for the year.


Focus Groups

We hold focus groups throughout  the year, targeting a particular group of individuals, to give staff, parents and children an opportunity to feedback information, queries, issues etc to the governing body which we can then take into consideration when setting and reviewing policy and practices.



We take the opportunity during parent/teacher consultations to talk to parents and carers waiting for their appointments to get their views on a number of different issues. Again this forms part of our wider monitoring and review role and provides essential feedback from parents.


Interaction with the Children

Governors attend a meeting of the School Council at least once a year, and we also try to ensure we are visible in different ways. This could include sending a Governors Team to take part in the Year 6 Spelling Bee Competition, judging school competitions, going on school visits, or attending special assemblies or awards.











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