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Spelling Lists

Work on spelling begins in Foundation Stage when the children are learning Phonics (the letter sounds and how different letters combine to make the 44 Phonemes in the English Language). Once children are confident with this, usually at some point during Years 2 and 3, we use the North Yorkshire Spelling Programme to ensure good spelling habits are formed. Spelling sessions take place in school several times a week.


The following leaflets for parents explain the way we teach phonics and the order the children learn the phonemes and how they are applied in reading and writing. This teaching will take place during Year R and Year 1 and is divided into phases. Phase 1 is completed during FS1 (Little Oaks) and in the first half term of YR. Phase 2 introduces the letters SATPIN and allows the children to begin to read and write two and three letter words. The following three leaflets explain Phases 3 -5 and how we develop Phonics both as part of reading and spelling.


Phase 3 Phonics                    Phase 4 Phonics                 Phase 5 Phonics                   


The following Phonics Glossary of Terms may also be of use.




Parents sometimes ask if they can help their children with spelling. The following booklets are designed to support this. They are, for ease of reference, divided into Year Groups but you may find your child's spelling development does not match this exactly. Should your child spell all the words in their year group correctly then move onto the ones in the year above and conversly should they find them tricky then use the lists from earlier year groups. This does not matter, like reading and maths everyone develops at a different rate.


Years 1 and 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
High Frequency Words 1           Autumn Spellings          Autumn Spellings Booklet 1 Booklet 1
High Frequency Words 2 High Frequency Words            Booklet 2
High Frequency Words 3 Summer Spellings Summer Spellings        Summer Spellings         Summer Spellings

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